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We are an independently owned film production company based at London Bridge. We love what we do. We do what we love. And our clients love us doing it. So everyone’s happy. Please take a look around.

We are an independently owned film production company based at London Bridge.
We love what we do. We do what we love. And our clients love us doing it. So everyone’s happy.
Please take a look around.

Services Rendered

We are an independently-owned film production company based at London Bridge.
We love what we do. We do what we love. And our clients love us doing it. So everyone’s happy.

  • Pre-Production

    From conceptualisation & development, to storyboarding and logistics, we map everything out and leave nothing to chance.

  • Production

    Just because we use the very latest equipment and think digitally, doesn’t mean we don’t employ old-school values.

  • Post-Production

    Our attention to quality continues throughout; from digital compositing to editing, VFX to colour grading.

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We’re easy to get to; a few minutes’ walk from London Bridge Station, and in the shadow of the shiny, new Shard, you’ll find us in the historical Leathermarket.

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Global Reach

We’re used to jumping on planes at the drop of a hat – even to destinations that don’t make it that easy for camera crews to hit the ground running. But that comes with the territory. To see where we’ve been, just click on a highlighted location.

Latin lovers South America

When we told our crews we needed them to go to South America for a couple of months, we knew they wouldn’t have much difficulty enjoying themselves. With so many amazing locations and stunning cultural variances, we felt the need to ‘montage’ it up a bit.

Humid heights Kuala Lumpur

Our crews have never been so sweaty than when they were running round the streets of KL. In between our shoot, we felt the need to bio the city as quickly as we could… and, of course, we loved it.

Clean living Singapore

We love working out in Asia, and Singapore is a great place to be with our crew. Here’s what we loved about the place.

Life in the fast lane Hong Kong

We’ve produced a number of pieces out in Hong Kong; in fact, we’ve been there so regularly, we felt it only right to show you some of its best bits.


Keep up with us. As a film production company with a different way of looking at things, we invite you to check in with us from time to time to see what we’re up to – and hopefully you’ll share your views.

Maverick film team on road

Back on the road…

March 19, 2013

Maverick Film look set to continue their global expedition with shoots planned around the world for April and May.

Maverick Film team working

Maverick Film looking for new talent.

Maverick Film is always looking for new talent looking to join their team. If you’re a director looking for representation or you want to become part of our production team, drop us a line at


Team 54 Goes live

As part of a larger campaign, the Team 54 site is now live and is the focal point for the films we have produced for the Gibraltar FA. The Team 54 campaign created by Maverick aims to support the push to get Gibraltar into Europe’s elite footballing body UEFA. The Team 54 documentary would also be supported with a large social media push and will be the first in a number of releases aimed at raising awareness for the campaign – Good luck Gib!

Sony F5

New Toys

We’ve decided its time again to invest in some new toys! Maverick Film would like to welcome to the family, the Sony F5.


‘Exploring Hope’ – Burma

March 8, 2013

In the light of the recent political changes taking place in Burma, Maverick Film is producing a short film on what the Burmese people are hoping for. With so many controversial elements to this beautiful and fascinating country, we felt the need to try and capture what they expect will change.

  • SUTSU: Naturally Inspired


    In August 2013, Maverick Film decided to team up with progressive street wear brand SUTSU to create a promo that would combine SUTSU’s eco-conscious ethos with urban sports fashion.

    This was an exciting project for us, as we are big extreme sports fans and were thrilled at the chance of diversifying the portfolio with a new project. So, after meeting up with the founder of SUTSU, Jon Wallhouse, we knew we had to create a visual journey set against the backdrop of a range of different landscapes, from natural to urban, all the while encapsulating SUTSU’s lifestyle brand ethos.

    We then set about getting the right team of passionate individuals together to bring the idea to life. Together with the help of music video director Louis Ellison and DOP Greg Hardes, we started amassing all the vital elements we felt this project needed. Seeing that it would have heavy focus on urban sports, we wanted to get some serious talent on board. So we reached out to experienced skaters Joe Moore and George Gough, as well as Ampisound boys Henry Smith and Jamie Davis on the parkour free running front. With this team of talented individuals on board, we felt the energy and momentum of the project begin to rise.

    Shot over a time frame of two days, we followed the guys doing their thing over a number of iconic locations across London, all the while keeping the brand lifestyle image apparent. We then culminated each of their individual journeys in a stunning London rooftop party; and with a helping hand from a guest appearance from acclaimed DJ/music producer DJ Frenic, we knew it would provide the perfect canvas to help boost the brand’s lifestyle image, as well tie in SUTSU’s link to the music world.

    The end product was an energy-filled 90-second promo that boosted the brand’s already vivid image and resulted in us asking ourselves: is work supposed to be this much fun?

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  • North Highland 10th Anniversary


    In September 2013, North Highland Worldwide Consulting approached us with the mission of conveying the story of their illustrious (and pretty meteoric) rise to consulting powerhouse over the last 10 years.

    The challenge lay in the delivery method… No change there, then…

    And so we set about creating an animated film – from day one to where they are today. It had to be engaging, witty, different yet informative – right up our street. Working closely with them, we decided to personify North Highland by telling the story through the formative years of an exceptionally gifted child.

    Given the style of the animation we were going for, we felt a cleverly written, witty song would engage the audience from the very start and add that additional feel good factor.

    The result? A fun short film about a quirky company with many more successful years ahead.








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  • Our Time


    In March 2013, Maverick spent six days with select individuals from the Gibraltarian National Team. Our crews followed them in everything they did, in their homes, at work and on the pitch. The film was created to highlight how at present, these players juggle their sporting and working lives, and how much playing for their national team means to them. We see their intense focus and loyalty to their current jobs, but their underlying passion and desire to make Gibraltar their full time profession.

    For a small nation to compete at such a high level, with their time split between work and football is quite an achievement, as well as a testament to their commitment. It’s Time for Gibraltar to become a full member of the UEFA family!



    Visit for other videos we have produced for this campaign.

    • Client: Gibraltar FA
    • Tags: Brand campaign, Documentary, Post Production, Pre Production, Production, Short Film
  • Our Goal


    “Our Goal” is the second part in the chapter in a series of short documentaries being made around the nation of Gibraltar, and their love for football.

    Focusing around the footballing culture, the film captures how even in a small nation, so many people from different generations and genders are involved in football. It’s a story that reflects their passion for the game from not only the eyes of those who play it, but from those who simply admire it.

    With the recent addition of new facilities, the film was made to show this small nations ability, desire and enthusiasm for the game, and also the fact that they are ready to compete at many levels – as the Ireland game highlights.

    It’s a motivational story that gets you right behind the country.

    Visit for other videos we have produced for this campaign.

    • Client: Gibraltar FA
    • Tags: Brand campaign, Documentary, Post Production, Pre Production, Production, Short Film
  • London 2012


    With the London 2012 Olympics finally making its way to London, we created this short to celebrate the wealth of culture and history that was being made in our home city. Using the Sony FS700, we used slow motion to capture the range of cultures, ages and genders that flooded to the city to not only watch, but also soak up the atmosphere that was the London 2012 Summer Olympics.

    It’s a piece that we love, mainly as it reminds us how great this city can be.

    • Client: Maverick
    • Tags: Content Creation, Editing, Post Production, Pre Production, Production, Short Film
  • Team 54


    The Gibraltar FA came to us looking to create a short film on their national teams first exploration into a UEFA accredited tournament. The story itself as to why they are not in UEFA yet is doused in politics, to which we couldn’t go into. Therefore, we decided we would focus on the tournament itself, follow the players through the journey of the games and emotions of being part of the UEFA family.

    The direction of the film was really aimed at making these players individuals and human beings. We wanted members of UEFA to make their decision on Gibraltar joining them to be about the people, their ability and their love for football overall. We shot a lot of the film in slow motion, especially where the action permitted and we composed the soundtrack to bring out all the emotions that these players and this nation feel.

    We spent the early part of 2013 with the team, getting to know them and learning not just about their footballing ability, but their culture and love for the sport. It’s a true underdog story that looks set to have many more chapters as they bid to become a full time member in UEFA.

    This short film is one in a series on the country. To see the trailer, click here

    Visit for other videos we have produced for this campaign.

    • Client: Gibraltar FA
    • Tags: Brand campaign, Content Creation, Documentary, Editing, Photography, Post Production, Pre Production, Production
  • Virgin Atlantic Dreamsuite


    Being one of the world’s most popular brands, synonymous with service quality, class and entertainment, Virgin Atlantic tasked us to create a short on the new Upper Class Suite they were installing to their planes.

    The film was intended primarily for an internal audience, launching at their Global event held in London. It was a celebration and education of what is another top product to their ever-expanding range.

    The crew spent days at the Global HQ and the development site of the suites in the UK to document every element of the process from design to delivery, capturing the professionalism and detail that goes into creating these suites.

    • Client: Virgin Atlantic
    • Tags: Best Viral, Content Creation, Corporate Film, Editing, IVCA Clairon Awards, Post Production, Pre Production, Production
  • DHL Express CIS


    Over the last two years, DHL Express has been running the world’s largest training program of its kind. In order for this to be a success, content creation was the key. Since the beginning of the program, we have produced:

    300 + hours of footage
    30 + TB of data
    Over a dozen hours of final content delivered
    200 + people interviewed
    Over 20 countries visited
    665,250 air miles covered by film crews in the last year
    Translated into 46 languages

    The production on its own has been one of the largest corporates in history and has kept our production teams incredibly busy. The results have been magnificent with profits for the company the largest they’ve ever been and staff engagement at an all-time high. Long and difficult shoots, that looks set to continue in 2013, but well worth it.

    • Client: DHL Express
    • Tags: Content Creation, Corporate Film, Editing, Post Production, Pre Production, Production
  • Findus


    Before they fell victim of the recent ‘equine’ revelations that have affected a number of European meat suppliers and retailers, we created a commercial for them that turned the brand around.

    Shooting in Prague, our challenge was to re-design the Findus ranges incorporating fresh ingredients, no preservatives and no colourings, and develop a fully integrated national campaign based around the proposition of ‘Restaurant quality frozen food’.

    We originated the idea for a range of cuisine designed by Michelin-starred chef Jean-Christophe Novelli. This strategy included new sub-brands for snacks and children’s ranges, and a comprehensive overhaul of the ready meal proposition, complemented by the new strapline ‘Freshness in your freezer’.

    • Client: Findus
    • Tags: Commercials, Editing, Post Production, Pre Production, Production, TV Production
  • FoodCycle


    Maverick Film believes in charity, so we helped FoodCycle develop a short animation to highlight why they do what they do and why they are so important to the UK. As a result, they won £100,000 funding, helping their expansion and feeding mouths around the UK. Good on them.

    • Client: FoodCycle
    • Tags: After Effects, Content Creation, Motion Graphics, Not for Profit, Post Production, Pre Production, Production